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Septic Services

Crockett Septic offers a variety of Septic and Holding Tank Services to keep your system running at optimal levels. Holding Tanks need to be pumped out on a regular basis and Septic Systems with drain fields need to be serviced at least every 3 years. Your county will send you a reminder card so you can stay in compliance with laws concerning care and maintenance of your systems.

Septic TrucksCrockett Septic Offers:

  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Septic Inspection
  • Holding Tank Pumping
  • Grease Trap Services
  • Septic Filter Replacement

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Holding Tanks

Holding Tanks




Holding Tanks have a set capacity of wastewater and solids they can hold. At 75% capacity an alarm may alert you to have your tank pumped. Heavy use, seasonal snowfall and or water seepage can also effect the performance of your system and the rate of fill. We can help you to determine your best times for service based on your system size and use.   Septic Systems have a drain field where waste water and solids separate through a series of filters and baffles. Eventually the liquids will disperse in the drain field and the solids will settle to the bottom of the tank. These solids will have to be emptied and pumped out and the system cleaned on a regular timeline. Usually once every three years.

Tips To Care For Your System

No wipes in the pipes   Packets

Crockett Septic Reminds you that items like baby wipes, feminine napkins and other house hold cleaning wipes and items never should be flushed into your septic or holding tank system. Those items can cause clogs and can even damage your system and cause costly cleaning and repairs.


Crockett Septic can provide you with microbial formulated packets to help your system aid in the digestion of solid waste. Ask us about how these products can help you maintain your system and provide you with a product that can be added once a month simply by flushing a packet down the toilet.